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The NEW Allure From Hunter

A Stunning New Range From Hunter

Eco 2022 Stoves Sandwich

Going Eco 2022 And Then Some

Is this the best Wood Buring Stove in the world?

Chesneys Stove Deal Kent

Chesneys Woodburning and Multifuel Stoves

With a Chesneys stove its all about sticking to what works.

Chesneys Stove Installation in Deal

A Beautiful Chesneys Stove Transformation This Week. Read more…

Nordpeis Bergen Stove The FireBox Kent

Welcome to The FireBox website!

Since starting the business in June we wanted to reach people as quickly as possible and now we have made...

Studio range from Stovax Eco 2022 ready

Updated Stoves range from Stovax 2022 ready

Keep an eye out for the updated versions of the Studio range stoves from Stovax.